Yi Lu
Yi Lu


Green Meadows, Pupsville


Boston Terrier


Apprentice Hat






"I am known as the Great One."

Yi Lu is Rode's former Apprentice (as you can see from his Apprentice Hat). Apparently he is known as "The Great One", but according to Francis he kept calling himself The Great One, making the impression that no one else does.

When he was young, he wanted to become a Sniff Master, so he became Rode's apprentice, thinking it would just be a couple of tasks. But Rode never taught him anything, and one day Yi Lu went and asked when he would become a Sniff Master. Rode told him that to become a Sniff Master, you had to sniff every single scent. Finding this impossible, Yi Lu ran away from the dojo and never went back. He was supposed to give his Apprentice Ring back, as he was no longer Rode's apprentice, but he decided to exchange it for something nice- and ended up breaking it. He was going to use you to get the pieces back, but after seeing you work so hard he realized that he should let you have it to become Rode's apprentice yourself, and decided to get his life back on track. After you beat the Ancient Monster and get past the Mine Cart Ride, He says that he will train to become a Sniff Master too, and that you should drop by sometime soon to check on his training.