Yi Lu
Yi Lu


Green Meadows, Pupsville


Boston Terrier


Apprentice Hat






"I am known as the Great One."

Yi Lu is a Boston Terrier that is The Player's first trainer. He was originally Rode's apprentice.

Quests Edit

The following quests involve or mention Yi Lu.

Before the first quest with Yi Lu begins, a cutscene plays where Dr. Potan tells The Player that they need to find a trainer soon. Yi Lu is outside of Dr. Potan's door as he says this, and runs to Green Meadows If The Player follows Yi Lu to Green Meadows, he orders The Player to find Ring Fragment 1 and return it to him. If The Player does this, Yi Lu will tell The Player more about THE DOG Island. Ring Fragment 1 is in Green Meadows.

The second quest happens directly after The Player brings Yi Lu Ring Fragment 1. He tells The Player more about THE DOG Island, the Life Meter, and Enemies. Yi Lu then asks The Player to find Ring Fragment 4, which a snake has taken. The Player must bark at the snake to get the ring back, and return it to Yi Lu. The snake is in Green Meadows.

In the third quest, Yi Lu wants The Player to find Ring Fragment 2. Ring Fragment 2 is in Treely Woods.

In the fourth and final quest, Yi Lu wants The Player to find Ring Fragment 3. After The Player finds Ring Fragment 3, Yi Lu tells The Player of his past. He was apparently a very good sniffer, and all of his friends thought he was. Yi Lu then became Rode's apprentice, and thought becoming a Sniff Master would be easy. After he learned it wasn't, he lost all hope and destroyed his apprentice's ring. Yi Lu thought he would use The Player to get the fragments back, but after seeing The Player train hard, he came to his senses. The fragments make up the Apprentice's Ring, and is a pass to Rode's Dojo. Ring Fragment 3 can be found in Zoomy Lake.

Personality Edit

Yi Lu appears to be one of those dogs that take things for granted easily. Also, it is hinted that he is somewhat manipulative, but in the end, is just an ordinary nice kid.

Trivia Edit

  • Apparently, he is known as "The Great One", but according to Francis he kept calling himself The Great One, giving the impression that no one else does.
  • After the fourth quest, Yi Lu disappears, and doesn't appear again until the end of the game. The reason why is unknown.
  • At the end of the game, Yi Lu refers to The Player as his role model.