Buffalo pic

Willas are one of the most annoying enemies in the game. They are found in the Dry Valley and the Rune Canyon. They are sensitive and have very good eyesight since they can see you from far away. They are tough too. They deal 2 whole hearts worth of damage to you. It is easy to avoid Willas altogether, but in some cases you need to get near them, like when recovering the Ringmaster's Outfit. A good way to stun a Willa is to enter it's perimeter, so it charges towards you, then when it gets near you move back out of it, it starts to go back to it's original position. Then, sneak up behind it, without making too much noise, and howl. While doing this, it is also important not to get in front of the Willa, because then you won't be able to evade it's attack. Willas rarely sleep too and if they do, it won't stay sleeping for long. Despite Casbal the Pekingese telling you you can't run away from a buffalo, it it actually possible to evade one by sprinting away from it (rapidly tapping the circle button for the PS2 version or shaking the Wii Remote for the Wii version,) it is also possible to retrieve a Guitar (accessory) if you successfully faint them.

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