The West Chilly Field is the first snowy area you encounter in the game. It is reached by finding all four Heavy Stones in the Chiro Caves then proceeding through the big door. It has 5
Chilly field

Map of West Chilly Field

Polar Bears, which are more dangerous than Brown Bears because they can wander around and see you from a distance. They also deal twice as much damage as Brown Bears. In order to get to the Snow Village, you must find Firewood for Siegfried, which is found in a small tunnel guarded by a Polar Bear. Siegfried will light a fire and melt the icy wall upon giving the wood to him, allowing access to Snow Village.

Upon entering the West Chilly Field for the first time, Petasi will comment on how cold it is, the same way he will comment on the South Sandy Desert's heat. A face can also be seen under the life meter which will slowly turn blue. Once it is completely blue, the life meter will turn blue and start depleting, a snowman will appear next to your dog's head, and the face will start shivering, this means you are too cold and you must find a hot spring and warm up before all of your health is gone. A good idea is staying in the hot spring until the face turns pink, like it would in the desert, to double the amount of time you can stay in the cold.

Near the entrance to the area, there is a tunnel with a sleeping Polar Bear blocking it, it is woken by finding a Smelling Potato and putting it on a tree stump, in a similar manner to when you had to use Hippo Food to get the 2 hippos across the lake to jump on them to get to Zoomy Village. There will be another Polar Bear next to the exit of the tunnel, so be careful running out, because it could ambush you. This secret part of the area is where a few special items are found, such as Rohme's pepper.

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