Okay this is my first blog post. I know that almost nobody would look at this, but I wanted to post something about my new idea for this wikia. I got it while I was playing The Dog Island. That part where Yi Lu takes you as his apprentice, when you finish his training, go to Rode and Tao, finish their training, and becoming a Sniff Master. I also got this from Warrior Wiki too. Has anyone read Warriors around here? Well the warriors train apprentices to be warriors, right? They learn how to fight and hunt for their clan. Don't forget border patrolling! Also the apprentices clean out the elder's dens, but that right now doesn't matter. What the Warriors Wiki does for new people with no experience in anything (expect for editing regular pages, that is easy) or only editing regular pages and not knowing anything else, (like me! Also, how do you edit inboxes?! For the second time!) is they have a project that experienced people mentor, like in the books, apprentices (like I described above) and teach them the ways of wiki editing. So I thought to myself that maybe we could do it here to help inexperienced people and teach them to be a Wikia Master! Anybody? It will help if you commented so I know if this idea is approved or not. Anyone....?

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