The Wanderer - The Need for Wheat is the last mission where you can help out Henry if you wish. You will encounter him in Rune Villiage, where he will stay for the rest of the game after completing this quest, and he will say he needs some Special Flour for his painting. He tells you he knows it is found in someplace warm, but he doesn't know exactly where. The flour is found in the North Sandy Desert, and it is very close to a cobra, so will have to bark or howl at him if you want to grab the flour without being poisoned. When you give the flour to Henry, he will thank you for helping him out so much and he has booked a room in the Inn for you. The next day, Henry has finished his painting and he gives it to you and says thank you one more time. This is a seperate quest from The Need for Wheat and is entitled The Priceless Art, implying that Henry is a very good artist.

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