This is one of the few missions that will change depending on which gender you are.

Male Dogs Edit

If you are a boy dog, Amalia will come forward and say she likes you and she asks you on a date. If you accept, you automatically go to the beach in Green Meadows with her and you will be a fair distance apart. You will have to go on 3 more dates with her to make her your girlfriend. Each time you will be closer together. However, if you refuse, she won't speak to you for the rest of the game, not even when you are leaving.

Female Dogs Edit

If you are a female dog, you get to pick either McCoy or Camu to date and once made, the decision cannot be changed. You and whichever dog you picked will then go on a date to Green Meadows. The dates you go on with Amalia (boys only) are exactly the same as the dates you go on with McCoy/Camu (girls only). Whichever dog you didn't pick will say "I am always around if you change your mind" if you choose to say goodbye to them at the very end of the game.

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