Peter is a handsome young Yorkie with blue eyes.


Peter is first seen in his room in Noble's house. When your character walks in and talks to him, he is moony-eyed over hearing Amalia's voice, indicating that he may like her. When he realizes she's gone, he asks you to pretend you hadn't heard. Later, it is confirmed that he likes her and asks you if you would get him a Romance Drop. When you give it to him, he doesn't do anything right away, indicating he hasn't eaten it yet. His maid, Alice, shows a strong mother-like compassion for him, often calling him "Princely Paws". She intervines to help him, asking you for a Blue Rose and Noble's Golden Watch. Later, he had eaten the Drop of Romance and he asks you for a Special Hibiscus to give it to Amalia. After you give it to him, he tells Amalia about how he likes her. If you are a female, she tells him that they can be friends. If you are a male however, she would have had feelings for you already and would tell Peter that her heart is taken, but friendship is always a option.

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