Yorkshire Terrier


Aristocrat's Hat




Checker Necktie


"I thought I detected a masked fragrance of elegance eliminating from you."


Noble's house has three rooms; Kristina's room, the main room, and Peter's room. Noble sits behind the counter in the main room.

Noble is the village chairdog, and owns two houses, one of them being biggest house in the village. He is a typical by-the-book dog and will keep a law whether it's useful or not, or you'll have to get signatures from the community. His son is Peter, and though he wants the best for him, he hides his anger when his Blue Rose Bush is accidentally broken when Peter is playing with it.

Noble also has a maid called Alice, who refers to him as "master". His house is also where a princess is staying, and so he has been ordering new furniture from Mary Theresa's store. If someone were able to help him with some supernatural problems, he'd be grateful enough to lend his spare house on the northwest side of town.

He seems to be representative of a player in a management profession.

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