Nameless dogs
Nameless German Shepherd


Chiro Village
El Dorado's Ship
Gigili Village
Puroro Town
Rune Village
Snow Village
Zoomy Village


American Cocker Spaniel (Zoomy Vilage)
Cavaliar King Charles Spaniel (Pupsville)
Dachshund (Puroro Town)
Doberman (Pupsville)
German Shepherd (Chiro Village)
German Shepherd (El Dorado's Ship)
Pomeranian (Pupsville)


See left


See left


See left


"(Nameless dogs never say anything)"

There are plenty of Nameless dogs in the game, all of which are either in cutscenes (so you can't speak to them in the game) or behind the counters at inns, so you can't reach them.

In Puroro Town, there is a Dachshund, wearing a Puppy Ribbon B, who is seen in the cutscene at the very beginning of the game.

On El Dorado's Ship, there is a German Shepherd (seen in the image on the right) wearing a Blue Scarf. He is one of El Dorado's crew and looks out for danger from the crow's nest.

In Pupsville there are many clones of Shirley and Andrea, but there are also some nameless dogs as fashion models in the Fashion Show. There is a black-and-tan Pomeranian who wears a Crown and a Noble Collar, and a brown Doberman. Dr Potan's girlfriend also has no identification of a name, and wears Marguerite Decorations and an Emerald Bracelet.

In Zoomy Village, there is an American Cocker Spaniel behind the counter at the inn and wears a Pink Long Ribbon accessory.

In Chiro Village, there is a German Shepherd wearing a Checked Hunting Cap C behind the counter at the inn.


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