Mr. Postman
Mr. Postman


Puroro Town, El Dorado's Ship, Pupsville




Postman Hat




Checked Bag A


"Only we postmen can handle deliveries."

Mr. Postman is, as the name suggests, a helpful postman. He sits by the mailbox in Puroro Town outside your house, and then goes on El Dorado's Ship with you. When you get to THE DOG Island, you meet his twin brother, who, technically, is the exact same dog as him.

He will help you save your game, but if you're in another town, you can save by yourself at any mailbox. It's also a good idea to go check in with him in Pupsville to see if you've received any mail from home. If you want to send something back home, make sure it's in your inventory, then go talk to Mr. Postman and he'll deliver it for you.

(there are only about two times when you can send mail)

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