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"I hate the icky feeling of eating one of these"

Le Palpa Rohme is a chef that runs the restaurant Le Chien Brun in Pupsville.  

Quests Edit

The first quest with Le Palpa Rohme involves him asking the player if they could fetch him some peppers, after a merchant in the desert with the intent of bringing them to him lost them. The peppers can be found in West Chilly Field.

The second quest involves Le Palpa Rohme loosing his sense of taste, which results in his dishes being too salty because he can't taste something without tons of salt. The dishes being too salty was bad for business, though, so he asks the player if they could find a remedy. After talking to Francis, she says the only remedy is oysters and are the best around the time of the year THE DOG Island takes place. The oysters can also be found in West Chilly Field and cure Le Palpa Rohme's taste buds.

Trivia Edit

  • Le Palpa Rohme, and the name of his restaurant, could be inspired after French culture.
  • It is unknown who the merchant was that had Le Palpa Rohme's peppers, but some fans suspect it was Sayir.