I Want to Cross the River is the name of the mission where you finally fix the bridge in Green Meadows so you can get to Gola Highlands and meet Tao. When Rode sends you to the Green Meadows after passing his final test, you will encounter Henry, a Basset Hound who has a stuffy nose and is always losing his things and needing your help. He points out that the bridge is broken and he needs someone to fix it because he wants to get to Gola Highlands. You must then go into the Treely Woods and get Goliath to come and help you, and once he is there, he starts to fix the bridge, but he forgot to bring nails so you need to go to Mary Theresa in the Furniture Dealer in Pupsville and get some nails from her. This is a seperate mission from I Want to Cross the River, and is called Fix the Bridge, I Want to. Once you take the nails back to Goliath and Henry, Goliath will fix the bridge allowing both you and Henry to cross it and go your seperate ways.

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