Green Meadows, Chiro Caves, West Chilly Fields, Snow Village, and Rune Village.


Basset Hound.


Santa Hat.




Green Bandana.


"I'm (whuff) Henry."

Henry is a friendly little basset hound who is always losing his things. To make up for it, he's a great artist, and has found many ways to make paint. However, he needs your help. A lot.

When you first meet Henry, you are faced with the broken bridge that leads to Gola Highlands. He states that Goliath, a local worker dog, may be able to fix it. Afterward, that is the last time you see Henry until Chiro Caves and the path to West Chilly Fields. The various things he loses are his knit cap and bag. If you find these, he will say a simple thank you and continue adventuring on. Of course, not without giving you a woof or two! The last stage you find Henry is in Rune Village. You'll have to find some Special Flour for him so he can finish his painting, which he gives to you as a thank-you for helping him out so much.