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Nurse Cap






"Go on, laugh if you want. A nurse that's afraid of blood!"

Francis is a nurse at Dr. Potan's clinic, however she is terribly afraid of blood. This probably is because of an incident she had when she was younger, with her best friend. Now even the colour red is enough to make her feel ill or, if it's really bad, faint. The Victory Dogs have found out about this, and now have made a habit of throwing tomatoes at her.

She has heard of something called a Brave Fruit, which can make dogs braver (so she hears), and she doesn't have the courage to tell you what the Blue Flower smells like until you can find it. Strangely, she can teach you the scent of the Brave Fruit, so maybe she's just trying to help herself first.

The nurse also gets worried when, once a month, the doctor goes off somewhere without saying where he's going. She doesn't want anything to happen to him (for the sake of the dogs on the island) and so would like you to go and have a look around. When Dr. Potan leaves to go to Puroro Town with you, all the ill dogs come to her, though mainly she has to look up stuff in books.

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