The East Chilly Field is the second snowy area you encounter in the game. Upon entering it, you should notice there is a huge ice floe with thin ice right in the middle of it. Petasi notices there is a penguin on the ice and that he should know the way across. If you bark at the penguin it will scurry across the ice so you should follow the route it takes, but be careful since the ice is slippery and if you touch any piece of thin ice, it will break and you will fall through,then appear back at the start, with Petasi demanding you be more careful. There are many igloos on the other side of the floe, although none of them can be entered. The First Book of the Sniff Master is found in some grass near one. The Cinnabar for Hans, Glacier Ice for Dorothy and Knit Hat for Henry are all found here too. Don't worry if you forget the way back to the start - you can use the path on the left side to quickly reach the start.

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