Potans girlfriend

Dr. Potan's Past is a mission in which Dr. Potan has fled Pupsville and Francis wants you to find him and find out why. In this mission, you are not allowed to take the shortcut from Pupsville to Treely Woods and if you go near there Petasi will stop you and say, "I don't think Dr. Potan would have gone that way." Upon entering Green Meadows and Treely Woods, there will be a cutscene showing you which way Dr. Potan went. When you get to Zoomy Lake,there will be yet another cutscene showing Dr. Potan on the big island in the middle of the lake, looking at something. After you swim to the island, Dr. Potan reveals that it is his girlfriend's grave and he visits it every month, on the day she died. He explains that she got sick one day and Dr. Potan tried everything to make her better, then her parents called in Obaba who insisted that he was only making her worse, and he should leave it to her. However Dr. Potan was stubborn, so the two got into a fight over whose medicine to use. They both didn't realise they were neglecting Dr. Potan's girlfriend, and by the time they did, it was too late... Dr. Potan still blames himself for her death, and says she watches him sadly, but other times she is disappointed in him for living in the past. After he has finished explaining, Dr. Potan says he needs a minute. The player is then automatically taken back to Francis where she says she had no idea this was the case. She thanks you and gives you a woof.

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