Dr. Potan's Girlfriend




American Cocker Spaniel


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Dr. Potan's Girlfriend is a cocker spaniel Dr. Potan had promised to marry a long time ago. As of now, she is deceased.

History Edit

Dr. Potan's Girlfriend only appears in a cutscene.

In an unknown amount of time in the past, Dr. Potan had a girlfriend whom he promised to marry. Throughout the duration of the cutscene, her name is never mentioned. One day, she fell terribly ill and Dr. Potan tried to help her the best he could, but alas, none of his treatments worked. Concerned for their daughter's life, her parents called Obaba to assist Dr. Potan. But for the majority of the time, Obaba and Dr. Potan argued over whether or not traditional or modern medicine would heal her. But, by the time they had came to their senses, it was too late...

Now, for every month on the same exact day, Dr. Potan goes to visit her grave, which is on an island in Zoomy Lake.

Trivia Edit

  • It is currently unknown who Dr. Potan's Girlfriend's parents are, either. It's possible they could also be deceased.
  • In a conversation with Alex introducing Obaba, Alex warns the player that she had once made a patient's condition "fatally worse". It could be referencing Dr. Potan's Girlfriend.