Dr. Potan
Dr. Potan


Green Meadows (cutscene)
Treely Woods (cutscene)
Zoomy Lake
Puroro Town




Doctor Mirror


Silver Glasses


Blue Necktie


"Me? A famous doctor?"

Dr. Potan is, as his name suggests, a doctor, who is well known throughout the village, and even the whole of THE DOG Island and in Puroro Town! Dogs come to him nowadays if they are ill or have a problem, but he sometimes lives in the past. He once had a girlfriend whom he had promised to marry, but one day she somehow got sick. Her parents called in Obaba, who uses natural herb remedies instead of modern medicine, but she and Potan argued about how to treat her. They didn't spend enough time on Potan's fiancée and before they realised this, it was already too late...


Dr. Potan goes to see his friend's grave often.

Once a month, on the same day, Dr. Potan sneaks out of his clinic to see his friend's grave in Zoomy Lake. He never tells anyone where he's going, however, and this gets the nurse, Francis, worried. So you get sent out to find him and follow him to find out what could be so interesting at Zoomy Lake. He does not cure your sibling, but he knows of a flower. It is called the Legendary Flower. You are sent sent back to the Dog Island to search for it while Potan volenteers to take care of your sibling.

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