Deliver the Deflungi


Dr. Potan and Obaba


3 Woof(s)


Pupsville/Treely Woods

Delivering the Deflungi is a quest where you must find an herb called deflungi to cure all the sick dogs of Pupsville.

You first learn of this flu after completing a quest for Yi Lu (Finding the Ring Fragment 2.) When you enter Pupsville, you immediately find out that something is wrong. Not only does the town seems strangely empty, but the smell of sickness is everywhere! All the dogs in Pupsville are sick and cannot be spoken to (with the exception of the collectors, the dogs that sell you things, and Mr. Postman.) Upon coming into Dr. Potan's clinic, you can talk to Dr. Potan, but he is sick as well. He tells you to find the deflungi, which is in Treely Woods. After learning its scent, which is a mix of apple, grape, and orange, it is quite easy to find, as it is right next to the river, close to the fishing dock. Once you dig up the Deflungi, Obaba will talk to you, saying that it will not be enough to cure the town. However, she doubts that Dr. Potan will listen, hinting about the tragedy that Dr. Potan had previously blamed her for. After Obaba leaves, you take the Deflungi back to Dr. Potan. By the time you return, Dr. Potan is much worse. Aft talking to him, a cutscene shows where Dr. Potan is lying in bed, sick. Obaba walks in, and begins to talk of how she knew that the deflungi would not be enough. Dr. Potan faints, and Obaba says that she had removed the cause of the sickness, poison in the water, and had treated everybody. She then talks of why Dr. Potan was cross with her. Dr. Potan then awakes, telling Obaba of how he no longer hated her. They then decide to work together, and the village is better after the cutscene ends.