The Deflungi is a Special Item that is found for the quest Finding Deflungi. It is also used in the quest Deliver the Deflungi, even though collecting and returning an item is usually in the same quest and not separated into two different quests.

The Deflungi is a green circular herb with a stem coming out of it.

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The deflungi is a complicated mixed scent, as it contains three smells: apple, orange, and grape. It is the first three-scent smell in the game. It can be found in Treely woods right next to the fishing spot in the river.

Dr. Potan tells you to find the deflungi as a cure for the sickness in Pupsville. Right after finding it, Obaba will talk to you and say that it is not enough to cure the sickness. You take it back to Dr. Potan after this.

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The scent combination

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