The controls are a very essential part in THE DOG Island. They are handled differently between the PS version and the Wii version.

Wii Version Edit

The Wii version is set out like this:

Walking + Running Edit

Walking and running is very simple. Point the Wii Remote at the screen and hold B. Your dog will follow a paw, and the further away it is, the faster you will go.

Sniffing Edit

To sniff, just follow the Walking/Running instructions but hold A instead of B.

Digging Edit

To Dig, shake the Wii Remote for 2-3 seconds.

Barking Edit

To bark, press -. To bark longer, hold -. (Players may not need to know this as Yi Lu teaches them in the Early Game.)

Opening the menu Edit

Opening the menu is easy. Just press + to open it. Petasi hops on the item selected (If you have already uncovered him at Noble's spare house).

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