Collectors are dogs who collect different items. There are 4 collectors: Fish, Flowers, Bugs, and Food. The names of the collectors are: Darna The Food Collector, Cherry The Flower Collector, Derrick The Bug Collector, and Dougal The Fish Collector. Cherry lives in the house across the street from Boris. Darna lives in the Restaurant. Derrick and Dougal lives in Kristina's Room. When you complete each collector book, you'll receive a prize.

a list is below with very detailed locations and what quests probably cause them to need help with their collections:

the collectors and their locations are below, ( in great detail for people who get lost easily even with maps, or people who just want more detail )

Cherry is a flower collector Edit

she lives in "A House" closest to the greenwood meadows and "A House" is beside a dark brown dog that wears a green striped hat i think is shaped like a baseball cap

( not quite sure what causes cherry to need your help with her collection, i mean i met with tao my second sniff master so THAT might be it ) ===

Derrick is a bug collector & Dougal is a fish collector Edit

they both work  for princess paws in the biggest house, your house is next to it and the dog with a cow is in between and in front of your house along with the giant house they work in owned by noble

( you cannot get into the room derrick and Dougal are in to help with their collections UNTIL you get the quest to move the bees and complete that quest ) ====

Darna is a food collector Edit

Darna seems to work at the restaurant in the square where you planted the anc tree across from the double shop where Boris, the dalmatian stays behind the shop in the flowers,that's the shop the restaurant is across from. once inside you should see two with a chef hat beside the wall,no tables and a dog that wears a striped hat by the tables....the striped hat dog is darna, the dog whom collects foods.

( you don't even need to go to the doctor when you first arrive, i checked by starting new game, avoided quest after getting on island, and quests needed )