There are in total 104 characters with names in The Dog Island. There are also some nameless dogs. The characters are listed below, along with the area where you can usually find them. For characters that move around or that end up in a different place later in the game, the place where you could first find them, or first saw them if they are only in cutscenes, is used. The table is in order of locations as you come to them in the game, so characters you meet earlier are at the top. If you have JavaScript enabled, you can also sort each column alphabetically by clicking on a sort arrow in the header row.

Character Location
Amedio Puroro Town
Doluk or Doroken Puroro Town
Donatello Puroro Town
Dr. Hill Puroro Town
El Dorado Puroro Town
Enzo Puroro Town
Gustavo Puroro Town
Knuckles Puroro Town
Mar Puroro Town
Maria or Emilio Puroro Town
Mr. Postman Puroro Town
Raymond Puroro Town
Sergio Puroro Town
Viviana Puroro Town
Bernard El Dorado's Ship
Mr. Birdy El Dorado's Ship
Philipo El Dorado's Ship
Alex Pupsville
Alice Pupsville
Amalia Pupsville
Andrea Pupsville
Boris Pupsville
Camu Pupsville
Cherry Pupsville
Darna Pupsville
Derrick Pupsville
Dorothy Pupsville
Dougal Pupsville
Dr. Potan Pupsville
Francis Pupsville
Hans Pupsville
Hope Pupsville
Jeremy Pupsville
Joyclen Pupsville
Le Palpa Rohme Pupsville
Lesley Pupsville
Luke Pupsville
Malshige Pupsville
Mary Theresa Pupsville
Noble Pupsville
Ohlala Pupsville
Patricia Pupsville
Petasi Pupsville
Peter Pupsville
Robert Pupsville
Shirley Pupsville
Tom Pupsville
Wilbur Pupsville
Bill Green Meadows
Henry Green Meadows
Isaki Green Meadows
Sayori Green Meadows
Yi Lu Green Meadows
Eve Treely Woods
Goliath Treely Woods
Obaba Treely Woods
Alphonso Zoomy Village
Brian Zoomy Village
Carol Zoomy Village
Clark Zoomy Village
Elaine Zoomy Village
Gina Zoomy Village
Kurtis Zoomy Village
Leo Zoomy Village
Milan Zoomy Village
Olga Zoomy Village
Rode Zoomy Village
Yan Zoomy Village
Giraffe Hoya Plains
Camille Gigili Village
Eisman Gigili Village
Ignatsi Gigili Village
Izzy Gigili Village
Keifer Gigili Village
Thelma Gigili Village
Tao Gola Highlands
Balthazar Chiro Village
Igor Chiro Village
Lola Chiro Village
Luke Chiro Village
Mid Chiro Village
Rachelle Chiro Village
Yugo Chiro Village
Sphinx South Sandy Desert
Siegfried West Chilly Field
Cameron Snow Village
Gainyard Snow Village
Gordon Snow Village
Linda Snow Village
Nikita Snow Village
Sasha Snow Village
Sieder Snow Village
Sayir North Sandy Desert
Gentle Bear Dry Valley
Casbal Rune Village
Heinrech Rune Village
Hildegard Rune Village
McCoy Rune Village
Simon Rune Village
Tancredi Rune Village
Trey Rune Village
Zeitzer Rune Village
Anc Queen Anc Road
Ancient Monster Kunka Ruins