Ancient Monster


Kunka Ruins


Ancient Monster








"I will crush you!"

 The Ancient Monster is the strongest enemy in the game. It can only be seen and attacked at the very end of the game, at the Kunka Ruins. The evil skeleton keeps on yelling. I will crush you! The character was sealed by some dog many years ago, and because you look like them, he wants to harm you. You have to locate switches around the room using your sniffing power and outrun the Ancient Monster. If you stand in front of him for a long time, or if you get him really angry and he has a chance to attack, every once and a while he will pick up the hero/heroin and gobble him/her down his body, until he/she comes out at the other end, giving the look of eating the dog. Once you have found all the switches and pressed them including the invisible switch hidden in the middle of the room, the monster crashes to the ground and falls to pieces. You are allowed to progress onwards to the Stone Of Heavens. His sensitivity is about 5.

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