The Ancient Grove is a garden where the Legendary Flower is located. The Ancient Grove can only be reached by putting the Sniff Master Medal in the statue in Rune Caverns and swimming across the water that fills up the pond behind the statue. The Ancient Grove is filled with flowers, every type of flower can be obtained here. It is foggy and contains no enemies. There are 2 piers and it is the only place where you can catch a Pirarucu and an Arowana, two rank SS and Rank S fish, respectively. To find the Legendary Flower, you must first sniff out three of it's petals. After that a cutscene will start, and you automatically find the Legendary Flower but its wilted. Petasi says his queen will be able tell them why. and to find her, you must touch the big tree in the centre of Green Meadows, which is actually an Anc tree and after doing this, you will be teleported to Anc Road.

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