Labrador Retriever (black)


Scholar's Hat


Circle Glasses


Red Necktie


"You have to dream a little. It makes life more fun, you know."

Alex is a stay-at-home dog, and while some pass the time by catching bugs or playing games, he would rather sit and read. He lives under a giant book behind his sister Amalia's house. He is older than Amalia, and she thinks that he is lazy and too old to be sitting around all day. Being a typical brother and sister, they often get into arguments, but Alex is usually the one who talks in a more sophisticated fashion because he is assumedly more intelligent due to the time he spends reading.

He assumes that he is the riddle master, and therefore will challenge you to four riddles throughout the game, all of which can be answered relatively easily. Apparently, he used to give riddles to everyone in the village, but they got bored of hearing them, so he gave up. He's used all his riddles already, so Amalia can tell you the answer to them all if you cannot figure them out yourself. Except for one of the riddles where it is required for the player to find and obtain the physical object and give it to Alex.

One thing that separates Alex from the other dogs is that, providing you have pulled him out the house and are not solving one of his riddles, he knows how much health you have. If you have full health, he'll say "Glad to see you looking well", but if you have lost any of your health, he'll say "You look sick. Don't overdo it now!"